CSS creates space for individuals and groups to learn, explore, and grow.  

In partnership with Big East Fork Retreat, CSS is home to unique and beautiful natural spaces, drawing diverse audiences from a wide area.  Workshop leaders who have partnered with CSS, embody and celebrate our mission and vision. They uphold the values of integrity and excellence while sharing their unique experiences and intellect.  We offer a variety of workshops that further the understanding and integration of mind-body sciences, encourage understanding, celebrate experiences, develop innovative solutions for sustainability, and facilitate personal, social, and community transformation.  Our group leaders come from all over the world to teach, inspire, and share their passions.  

Are you an experienced and gifted teacher?  Does your work align with our mission? 

Prospective Workshop Leader Proposal and Scheduling Process

Your Proposal

Your workshop proposal allows for an introduction of yourself to our community and for further consideration in joining our team of workshop leaders.  We consider proposals year-round.  At this point, we are able to provide flexibility around scheduling, however cannot guarantee specific dates.  

Please read the following list of requirements.

If you are interested in hosting a workshop, please fill out the initial form below.  Upon review, we will send a follow up email requesting the following information:

  • Brief curriculum outline of the workshop (topics covered, length in session, activities, etc.) and outcomes (as a result of attending your workshop, participants will be able to...).

  • Projected enrollment and reason for this expectation. We have a minimum of 8 participants and maximum of 100.

  • Resume or full CV.

  • A minimum of 2 references.

  • Any supporting documentation (books, DVDs, articles about your work) and anything else that would support us in understanding more about you and your workshop.

  • Multiple leaders of a workshop- we will request the above information from each leader, biography for each leader, as well as their current marketing capabilities.

Dark Buddhist Meditation.jpg
The best teachers in life are those who show you where to look, but do not tell you what to see.
— Alexandra K. Trenfor
Name of Event Organizer *
Name of Event Organizer
This should be the lead contact of the workshop. If there are multiple workshop leaders, please designate one as the lead contact for the group.
Phone *
Address *
Describe your event and include keywords (ie digital detox, health retreat, yoga workshop, corporate team building, board meeting). Also include benefits, main features or other focuses.
List all facilities and types of interior and exterior spaces you will need includes accommodations for lodging (if having overnight guests)
Adults Only, Couples, Families, etc.
minimum and maximum allowed
How many meals?

Please note: If approved the Executive Director will set up the registration and a contract agreement. A 50% deposit of Retreat/Workshop/Event price will be due at the time of registration and the balance 60 days prior to the event.  There will be a deposit for Retreat/Workshop/Events that include lodging.

We reserve the right to change your title and first summary sentence to optimize it for search results.  Advertising for the Retreat/Workshop/Event to be approved by all parties before marketing begins.