Land Stewardship

- Biodiversity and watershed protection

- nature study and appreciation

- environmental education

- responsible farming

Integrative Health Topics

- Food and nature as medicine, mindfulness and stress management, mind-body practices

- End of Life Programming and Support

- Caring for the Caregivers

- Continuing medical education for licensed healthcare professionals (CEUs, CMEs).

Creative Expression

- music, poetry, art, dance, theater

Relationship Building

- non-violent communication

- family conflict resolution

- circle training

Intergenerational Wisdom Transfer

- elder storytelling

- provision of conference areas and sacred spaces for indigenous, ancient, and contemporary wisdom (faith) workshops for specific religious and general spiritual paths

-facilitation of family meetings during times of sickness and transition (death)

-memorial garden (minister available for spreading of ashes, memorial services)

Weekend Programs and Workshops

Sustainable Community Development

- "Sunday school" gatherings 10am - 4pm every Sunday

 - "Sustainability on the Airwaves" Podcasts