ANIMAL CARE (Volunteers needed).

Please contact us at 615-499-4006

Daily (7 days a week)
-Keep water tanks topped off (there is one for pigs (short one), 1 for large animals (tall one) and 1 for chickens. All are necessary
-feed animals. 4 leggeds only need Hay in winter. They also should always have a mineral block. Chickens need 2 scoops of feed every day
-gather eggs
- check for overall healthiness
- give treats (old veggies)

-replace bedding in nesting boxes
-Make sure there is adequate Oyster Shells for chickens
-clean out water troughs
-catch Winston and Rosie and spray them for flies
-mow around perimeter fencing (if necessary)
-check that electric fence is working properly and repair if necessary
-check fences
-rotate to new pasture . Move tanks and shelter. Check all fences. Move and Make sure hot box is working.
-de-worm every 2 months
-trim Rosie’s hooves as necessary
-clean entire chicken coop every 4 months. This requires a fork shovel and spade to get all manure (several inches) out from under the roosting rack.
-add road base to perimeter of coop as necessary to keep out predators.
-medicate as necessary

*All food, minerals, supplies, and medication can be found at Tractor Supply.
*A good farm animal care book would be helpful