Programs and Workshops

JOIN US SATURDAY, DEC 1, 2pm to 4pm for Professor Ayer’s talk:

5375 Big East Fork Rd, Franklin TN 37064

The Center for Sustainable Stewardship presents Dr. John Ayers’ presentation, “What is environmental sustainability, and how can we promote it in Middle TN?" at Big East Fork Retreat, 5375 Big East Fork Rd on Saturday, December 1st from 2-4pm.


Dr. Ayers is the Vanderbilt University Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences, and recently published a book on Sustainablity. He has submitted the Retreat Center and nonprofit organization to become part of various Vanderbilt-sponsored sustainability research studies.


Join us at the Retreat for an engaging presentation and discussion.

Our goal is to reach out to residents, businesses and our sustainability community partners as we explore the different themes surrounding sustainability.


From Dr. Ayers:

"Sustainability promotes human wellbeing now and in the future. Environmental sustainability protects some of the natural environment so that it can continue to provide critical ecosystem services in the future, thereby ensuring high levels of food, water, and energy security. In the Anthropocene, human population growth and increasing material consumption are causing unsustainable environmental impacts that are changing Earth on a global scale. Climate change and biodiversity loss may reduce the ability of future generations to maintain a high level of wellbeing. In the spirit of the motto 'Think global, act local', I will discuss some of the sustainability challenges we face in Middle TN, and possible solutions."


RSVP at Dr. Ayers' talk will be relevant to High School ages and up. Free to the public but donations gratefully accepted.

At CSS, we encourage all visitors to come here with an open mind and a desire to learn. Whatever your purpose in visiting, we encourage you to immerse yourself in the experience. Be sure to check our calendar to see what events are on our calendar this season. All are welcome!



We love to host yoga events at the Center for Sustainable Stewardship. Thanks to a partnership with Big East Fork Retreat and Lodging, we have a number of venues that can accommodate classes of any size.


We have a strong history and tradition of celebrating nature through art at the Center for Sustainable Stewardship. We welcome visual artists of all skill levels—professional and amatuer—to come visit for inspiration.

We are proud to support Articulture in particular, a program that uses human effort, skills and tradition to produce meaning from direct experience with nature.




Many a musical giant has walked the woods here at Big East Fork searching for inspiration. Some hits you've heard on the radio have roots here, in fact. Billy Ray Cyrus's "Achy, Breaky Heart" was produced here, and Leonard Cohen's "Chelsea Hotel No. 2" even includes a lyrical nod to Big East Fork.

All songwriters and musicians are also welcome to use Big East Fork's stages for performances or recording. Inquire about availability.