The Center for Sustainable Stewardship is a registered non-profit 501-(c)3 dedicated to inspiring the next generation to Stewards. It is an all-volunteer organization, recognizing that we will only be sustainable if we do so voluntarily.

The Center for Sustainable Stewardship CONSERVES our natural environment, CONNECTS people to nature and EDUCATES future generations how to be Stewards and PROVIDES infrastructure for conferences, retreats, and workshops within a 2000-acre Conservation Easement.

Vision: We connect folks to natural experiences, bonding a new generation to nature. We will provide all participants programs and opportunities through integrative experiences that foster creativity, stimulate critical thinking, and strengthen our connection to the natural world as we live with gratitude and transfer wisdom to future generations.

Value Statement:

We serve as stewards of our precious natural environment and are active in valuable conservation and regenerative efforts. We believe biodiversity has intrinsic worth. We protect the land, water, and creatures of the Big East Fork Watershed, as it offers us spiritual renewal and provides physical and emotional health for ourselves and our community. We encourage people to encourage people to experience, explore, and appreciate the natural world by active engagement with the outdoors. We support infrastructure for workshops and retreats in an inspirational natural environment.

Land/Biodiversity Stewardship (forest and watershed protection, nature study and appreciation, environmental education, responsible organic farming)

End of Life Transitions - Intergenerational transfer of Wisdom (encouraging elders to be story-tellers, palliative care, strategies for transcendence )

Fostering Healthy Relationships (non-violent communication, marital and pre-marital counseling, family conflict resolution, circle training, restorative justice)

Individual Health and Wellness (stress reduction, integrative medicine, mind-body practices, nature-based medicines)

Creative Expression (music, poetry, art, dance, theater)