Corporate/Private Retreat Lodging

At CSS Conference, Retreat and Nature Center your corporate, spiritual, yoga, eco-therapy group, music, painting group or countless other gatherings can unplug, clear their minds, and create. Our vision is that through a strengthened connection with nature, your group experiences increased wellness and engages genuinely.


Guests staying overnight for Corporate Events often require more privacy than guests participating in family gatherings or workshop events. The number of guests within parentheses assumes only one person to a bed. The number of guests accommodated by each house depends upon whether guests are willing to share a room and/or bathroom. Click here to see the individual whole houses

Mansion in the Woods; 7 BR- 3 fullbaths, 2 halfbaths (7 sleeping rooms, up to 15 beds)

LakeTrail House; 5BR - 2 fullbaths, 1 halfbath (6 sleeping rooms; to 8 beds)

Circle Lodge; 5BR - 3 fullbaths (5 sleeping rooms; 10 beds)

Pond House; 2 BR - 1 fullbath, 1 outdoor shower (2 sleeping rooms; 3 beds)

Love Shack; 3 BR - 1 fullbath, 1 halfbath (3 sleeping rooms; 3 beds)

North House; 4 BR - 2 fullbath (4 sleeping rooms; up to 15 beds)

Log House 4 BR - 3 fullbath (4 sleeping rooms; up to 7 beds)

Ranch House 4 BR - 2 fullbath (4 sleeping rooms; 5 beds)

Covered Bridge Farmhouse 4 BR - 2 fullbath (4 sleeping rooms, 5 beds)

Parrot House 3 BR - 2 fullbath, 1 halfbath (3 sleeping rooms, 3 beds)


Private Room, Private Bath $175/weekend night; $140/weekday night

Private Room, Shared Bath $115/weekend night; $75/weekday night

Shared Room, Shared Bath $85/weekend night; $60/weekday night


Total 40 rooms; 74 beds. Total occupancy with guests sharing queen/king beds : 104 guests.

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